PIPPA Tamariki -we are inviting new and expectant parents to help with a study about causes of childhood asthma.

Asthma is one of the most common childhood illnesses in New Zealand, affecting thousands of children each year. Many of these children go on to have life-long asthma and other allergic conditions. Despite improvements in medical care, the number of children with asthma remains very high. Experts don’t know why this is happening. Most babies […]

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Wellington-based Asthmatics wanted!

We are inviting Wellingtonians with asthma, aged 16-65 yrs, currently using asthma medications, who would like to take part in our current studies to come in for screening. This will involve a 1-hour visit for simple breathing tests. Time and travel reimbursed. Message us via our Facebook page for details, or email: nethmi.kearns@mrinz.ac.nz

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The effect of a natural topical treatment on Cold Sores

Herpes simplex labialis (HSL) – facial cold sores – is a common infection that causes painful sores in and around the mouth. Current topical medical treatments need to be applied regularly to slightly reduce the symptoms and duration of cold sores. This natural topical treatment is a product that could potentially further reduce the severity […]

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Kānuka oil based cream treatment for Eczema

Our eczema study is now recruiting. We are looking for volunteers with a doctor’s diagnosis of eczema, to test a cream treatment which contains Kānuka oil. Participants must be aged 18 – 65yrs, and able to travel to one of the participating pharmacies (listed below). They will be supplied this treatment free of charge, and […]

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