Doctor of Medicine (MD) Programme

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a ‘higher’ degree based on original research in a field of medicine.  The aim of this course is to allow medical graduates to produce a substantial body of published original research in a field of medicine.

The MRINZ is a private training establishment that has been granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under Part 18 of the Education Act 1989.

Why should you consider taking this course?

You should consider this course if you:

  • are a medical graduate
  • are currently engaged in, or wish to be engaged in, original clinical research at MRINZ
  • are prepared to invest a minimum of two years in research
  • are keen to write journal articles in high quality international medical journals rather than a thesis
  • want to be supervised by highly regarded and experienced academics and clinicians who will be closely involved throughout the research process.
  • ultimately see yourself working as either a clinician-researcher, a University academic (e.g. Senior Lecturer) or in the private sector (e.g. pharmaceutical company or health device manufacturer).

What do I need to do to complete the MD?

You need to:

  1. Complete a minimum of two years of near fulltime research in which the MRINZ is a major partner.  Most commonly you will be employed by MRINZ but for some people the primary employer will be a District Health Board or University.
  2. Be sole author or co-author of four original journal articles published in peer-reviewed journals on a single theme.
  3. Submit
    (a)   A curriculum vitae.
    (b)   A 5000 to 20,000 word summary which provides a synthesis of the work, placing it in broad context and producing a coherent set of conclusions.
    (c)    A series of published original work in a field of medicine, including at least four peer-reviewed publications. It is expected that at least three of these will be in international general or specialty medical journals, and in at least three, the candidate will be the first author.
    (d)    A statutory declaration identifying that the submitted work is original and stating that it has not previously been submitted by the candidate for a university qualification.  Where co-authored work is submitted, those parts which are the candidate’s own work shall be identified.
    (e)    Three soft-bound copies of the work upon which the application is based.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

  1. MBChB or equivalent
  2. Enthusiasm for research
  3. Ability to work independently under supervision
  4. Fluent spoken and written English

Recruitment and enrolment

Application for the MRINZ MD can be made at any time.  Positions are limited depending on the availability of appropriate projects and appropriately qualified supervisors.  These issues can be discussed with the Director of MRINZ, Professor Richard Beasley.

Application forms are available from the Postgraduate Student Administrator, Joanna Read, Phone: 04 805 0147 email: Joanna Read joanna.read@mrinz.ac.nz